Korean War Navy Veteran and his disabled wife given the shaft as greedy land developers take the gold!


M.D. and Shirley Hill signed a “Deed Of Sewer And Easement” in May 2004. This would allow the development of the Cedarvale Farms subdivision. Without such an agreement, the subdivision would have never seen the light of day.

In exchange for the privilege of having the sewer line constructed across their land, the developer would construct a “Grantor Sewer Line”, which would extend approximately 1,500 linear feet along the creek crossing the Hill’s property with seven Laterals. This would enable the Hill’s to develop their property as they saw fit.

The deadline for commencing the Grantor Sewer Line was August 30. 2007. The developer missed the deadline. Being good and reasonable neighbors, the Hill’s granted not one, but two deadline extensions. The Hills bent over backwards to help make this development possible.

What have the Hill’s received for their good deeds and efforts?

Absolutely nothing!

Almost 13 years has passed since the ink dried on the contract and the Hills have nothing to show for their sacrifice.

Cedarvale Farms is booming. New homes are springing forth like weeds. The developers are making money, hand over fist, while the Hills suffer.

This website is an attempt to finally deliver justice to the Hill Family. This is just the beginning. Over the coming days and weeks, I will be telling the Hill’s story…

…the story of my parents and the struggles and suffering they have endured because greedy folks will not honor their legal contracts.


Cabarrus County Commission remains silent after facing a US Navy Korean War Veteran, my father, who has been cheated by out of state land developers! #cedarvalejustice

Please take 3 minutes to witness their lack of respect for my father…