How Not To Treat A Veteran



This Veteran’s Day, I honor my father, M.D. Hill.
Dad served in the Korean War onboard the USS Henry W. Tucker DD 875.
He was blessed enough to come home from military action and he lived the American Dream. He started a family, built an electrical business from scratch, employing hundreds of people during 31 years of being in business.
He and my mother scrimped and saved and invested their capital in land here in the Pioneer Mills community. This investment was wise and was intended to fund my parent’s retirement.
Being good neighbors, they allowed a right-of-way for a sewer line extension across their property to allow our good neighbors, Freeman and Helen Jones to develop their Cedarvale Farm property.
My parents only asked for a modest compensation. The developer would construct a “Grantor Sewer Line”, which would allow my parents to develop their property as they saw fit.
The deadline for constructing this sewer line was August 30, 2007. Over 11 years later, still no sewer line…

I made the County Commission and Independent Tribune aware of this injustice on June 19, 2017. They have completely ignored my father.
They couldn’t even bother to at least thank him for his service to his country!
One of the morals of this sad story is the fact that those who claim to love and support our nation’s veterans really don’t when the rubber hits the road. When the time comes to come down off their high horses and actually help a vet being abused, they are no where to be found. They are silent cowards who care more about their positions of power and influence.
Cabarrus County, the City of Concord, wealthy millionaire developers from out-of-state, Century Communities, Bonterra Builders, real estate agents, construction companies; they all profit from my parents’ sacrifice.
Is this the kind of America my father fought for?
How can anyone believe this criminal negligence is justified?
Who will stand with me and defend my father and my disabled mother?


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